John Deere has installed two new Titan FuelMaster 5000-litre tanks at its Langar, Nottingham headquarters. These have replaced existing 20,000-litre single-skinned steel tanks, which had become fouled and heavily corroded over time with sludge and sediment.

The installations were specified by The Oil Tank Company Ltd, who are Titan accredited suppliers and installers based in Rutland; the company offers a full maintenance service for both commercial and domestic installations.

Both the new plastic FuelMaster tanks are bunded (a tank within a tank), and they have dual 10-micron particle and water filters fitted as standard. The fuel from one tank is being used for on-site demonstrations of the latest John Deere tractors and other self-propelled machines, while the second tank, along with another new installation, a Titan EcoSafe 5000 bunded tank, stores oil for the company’s warehouse heating system.

The switch to the FuelMaster range has been driven by the industry’s shift from red diesel to ultra-low sulphur diesel (ULSD), which is better suited to power the modern tractor engine. Plastic tanks do not react with the diesel components, thus preventing the build-up of sludge and residue, and the finer filters with water traps protect the demonstration fleet’s fuel systems.

“With the change to ULSD and the likelihood of a bio-oil content within the new fuel, we had to make sure that our fuel hygiene was top of the class,” said John Deere’s division customer support manager Bob Holt.

“Our previous steel tanks were decades old, and there was no point in running the risk of contaminating the fuel systems of our demonstration machinery fleet. We are simply employing best practice, and would encourage our customers to take a long, hard look at not only their fuel storage facilities but also the quality of the fuel that they are purchasing.”

The Oil Tank Company has been dealing with Titan for the last 10 years – a testament, according to the company’s founder and managing director, Simon Ellis, to both the quality of the product and the customer service they offer.

He said: “Titan has long been the market leader in fuel storage; their products and service are second to none. For example, the FuelMaster range comes fully set up ready to be installed, and only requires connecting to an electrical supply. We then maintain the systems after installation, typically going in after 12 to 18 months to check the filters and pipeworks.”

The FuelMaster tanks were installed with new bases and firewalls, and the installation is fully compliant with the Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regulations 2001.