Service Department

Meath Farm Machinery's Service Departments in both our Navan & Cavan depots is ran by Group Service Manager, Cathal McAleese.


The team consists of 9 trained technicians and 5 apprentices. Our team of service technicians will keep you going when you need them most.


Our team go through a strenuous training programme starting with a 4 year apprenticeship and continuous training in the John Deere head office in Nottingham, where they keep up to date on the latest technology. 


We also keep all our workshops equipped with all the latest tools and equipment to complete any work which comes our way. We have access to order anything we need to get our customers going as fast as we can! 



Navan Branch Manager

Chris Murphy

046 9023946

Cavan Branch Manager

Tom Dunne

049 432 3033


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