John Deere updates Precision Ag Technology  

Published On: March 8, 2023

John Deere updates Precision Ag Technology

For many years, John Deere has offered reliable and high-performance Precision Ag Technology. In 2023, all essentials of the advanced equipment will receive an update to be prepared for the future. Important components are the brand-new John Deere G5 display family and the new JDLinkTM M modem. These updates make the John Deere Precision Ag Technology faster, more powerful, and more affordable for every farmer and contractor.

The New John Deere G5 Display Family

With the brand new G5 display family, John Deere delivers the latest technology directly to customers. Full HD resolution, additional memory and increased processing power make the G5 monitor one of the most powerful displays available. It comes with two portable versions, which can be used on all brands, two integrated monitors for specific John Deere machines and an Extended Monitor option. The G5 display is 10.1 inches and the G5Plus is 12.8 inches, meaning the G5 display family offers up to 33% more space for maps and information compared to its predecessors. Both portable displays offer additional protection through their water resistance (IP65). The John Deere G5Plus comes with AutoTrac™ and Section Control as standard. Of course, the full AEF ISOBUS compatibility remains.

All G5 displays will retain the reliable and familiar user interface from Generation 4 displays. The combination of modern technology and familiar user interface provides an immediate performance boost without the need for lengthy re-learning. The new license program for advanced features means that farmers and contractors only pay for what they need, and upfront costs are reduced. Regular software updates are being developed and ensure that the G5 display family is already equipped for the future.

The G5Plus Universal display and the G5 Universal display will be available for order later this year. The G5Plus CommandCenterTM and G5 CommandCenterTM will be available on John Deere machines from Model Year 2024.

The New John Deere JDLinkTM M and R Modem

Farmers and contractors with a mixed fleet can continue to take advantage of connectivity between machines and the cloud. The brand new JDLinkTM M Modem offers an affordable alternative to the familiar JDLinkTM R Modem. The JDLinkTM M Modem is a plug and play solution, which allows mixed fleets to be fully equipped easily. The JDLinkTM M and R Modems are compatible with the SAE J1939 protocol and can process over 14 data points from different machine brands. This compatibility enables the management of an entire mixed fleet in just one portal: The John Deere Operations CenterTM.

The John Deere StarFireTM 7000

The John Deere StarFireTM 7000 was introduced last year together with the new StarFire™ RTK signal. With an RTK accuracy of 2.5 cm and a pull-in time of fewer than 8 minutes, the new StarFireTM RTK signal offers a very attractive entry into RTK. The John Deere StarFireTM 7000 performs with even better connectivity than previous generations due to the additions of Galileo and Beidou satellite signals. The John Deere StarFireTM 7000 receivers are available for orders and delivery starts now.

The John Deere Operations CenterTM

JDLinkTM provides free of charge two-way connectivity for the automatic uploading of crop and machine data to the John Deere Operations Center™. With continuous updates, the Operations Center is constantly being improved and adapts to future needs. It will continue to be available free of charge for mobile devices and on the web.

The new essentials of John Deere Precision Ag Technology make smart farming more effortless for customers. It will become increasingly easy to use, automated and is already seamless. All features and the advanced local dealer service and expertise, make farmers and contractors’ businesses more productive, profitable, and sustainable.



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