HE-VA have been manufacturing agricultural rolls since the 1970’s and their experience and knowledge in designing and building the best machines you can buy, and run is second to none. Every model from 4.5m to 20.3m incorporates many clever features ensuring rolls given even consolidation across full working width.

HE-VA offer an extensive range of cultivation equipment, this includes Disc Cultivators, Subsoilers, and Seeding Tool – Bars.

The Disc Roller Disc Harrow is a result of years of development and testing to find the ideal combination of disc angle and packer ring to give perfect incorporation, mixing and consolidation in one high-speed pass.

Their Subsoilers are designed for minimum draft and maximum heave without bringing large unwanted clods to the surface.

Whilst the Seeders themselves ensure precise seed rates, simple calibration and simple to use controls, the fitting kits that HE-VA have developed allow easy, safe access and provide for all seed placement requirements.

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