6R Xtra Large Frame Tractors: Powerfully tough

More power all around and a 100 mm longer wheelbase with 2.05 m tyres to get the tremendous power of these models to the ground with total efficiency.

The 6R family is the no.1 in intelligent automation and transport – your high power – low weight performance solution with supreme pulling power.

Every 6R tractor is designed and engineered to be the most versatile, light and powerful constituent of your workforce, built to overcome the diverse challenges presented by terrain, prevailing conditions and operational windows.


  • 253 hp (186 kW) max power (ECE-R120) + 28 hp (20 kW) IPM
  • 6.8 l engine with 6 cylinders
  • 9.65 t and 2.90 m wheelbase
  • XXL ComfortView™ cab ( 3.33m³) with 2 panorama doors or B-Post on left hand side and Generation 4 CommandCenter™ Display with 71 d(B)A
  • Transmission Choice: AutoPowr


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