Built To Chop

Our 8100 model’s 9 L engine now has more muscle, while the new 8200 model features a more powerful 13.5l engine instead of its 9l predecessor. The 8300 model also received a healthy horsepower upgrade to round out the portfolio.

In addition to a lower daily maintenance effort facilitated by fewer access points that are easier to reach, you will be impressed by improved fuel and DEF efficiency.



  • Max. Power: 317 kW/431 hp (9.0L PowerTech)
  • Cutterhead housing width/diameter: 680 mm/670 mm
  • Length of cut with 40 knives: 7-26 mm in 1 mm steps
  • Length of cut with 56 knives: 5-19 mm in 1 mm steps
  • Kernel Processor: Premium KP



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