The compact all-rounder

The Kramer mini loader KL12.5 is all about simple operation, versatility of use, compact design and easy maintenance and servicing. The time-tested design features of Kramer all-wheel steering and undivided chassis are naturally also a feature of this vehicle. This enhances this compact machine’s above-average stability and high payload with a low operating weight



  • Powerful engine output: The powerful 18.5 kW engine gets by without any exhaust gas treatment, thus complying with exhaust emission level V
  • Adjustable cab doors: As usual, the generously designed windows on the right-hand side can be opened out to 180 degrees. as can the cab doors.
  • Ergonomics: The side console has been fully redesigned and includes a range of storage compartments, as well as a number of functional and ergonomic features. All the important switches are within easy reach of the right hand.
  • Comfortable cabin design: Getting in and out of the cabin is convenient and above all, safe, thanks to the wide doorway with its additional step.

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