The perfectly-proportioned powerhouse.

The compact genius – the KL14.5 wheel loader for agriculture is fitted with a 25.8 kilowatt Yanmar engine. The engine complies with exhaust emission level 5, thanks to exhaust gas treatment using DOC and DPF. Weighing in at just 2,070 kilograms, this All-Wheel Steer loader boasts a heavyweight bucket tipping load of 1,400 kilograms.



  • Smart Driving: Smart Driving Pro offers three different drive modes that can be used according to the application. Example of drive pedal mode: With a freely adjustable engine speed, the forward driving speed can be controlled not only using the engine speed, but also by means of a convenient and responsive drive pedal.
  • Contemporary cabin design: Large-scale glass panels, a wide entry/exit doorway and a functional side console, including storage compartments and air-conditioning system, make the KL14.5 extremely convenient
  • Maximum power output: The wheel loader is fitted with 30 l/min work hydraulics. Even 60 l/min is feasible with the power flow option.
  • Compact dimensions: Just 1.26 metres wide, this loader can get through almost any stable entrance and, when it comes to footpath maintenance work, it is supremely agile.

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