a class of its own

The Kramer KL25.5e is the first full-electric, all-wheel-driven wheel loader – CO2 emissions, noise and soot particles from diesel engines are things of the past. New is the highly cost efficient and absolutely emission free electric drive. This allows indoor operation and working in noise-sensitive areas. The KL25.5e is very compact and due to its all-wheel steering extremely agile. An electric motor is installed for the travel drive, which provides high performance with good resolution.



  • Low noise level: less noise pollution for sensitive areas such as hotel premises, city centers, parks, construction sites
  • Improved working conditions: The electric-powered KL25.5e protects humans and animals – your most valuable goods – from exhaust gases
  • No exhaust emissions: trouble-free indoor operations such as in tunnels or in closed interiors
  • Economic benefits: future-oriented technology provides low maintenance costs and rapid amortization of the additional acquisition costs
  • Stacking payload: The stacking payload of 1,750 kg allows heavy loads to be handled with an electrically operated wheel loader

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