In a Class of its Own

The Kramer KL 33.5 impresses with compact dimensions and a low vehicle base weight. The manoeuvrable wheel loader is intended for a variety of possible applications. The time-tested and proven principle of the one-piece chassis, which ensures great stability and a constant high payload, can also be applied to this vehicle. The hydraulic quickhitch enables maximum efficiency in a tool change.



  • Environmentally friendly engine technology: 55 kW engine with exhaust emission level V, as well as DOC and DPF
  • All-in-one joystick: The coloured illuminated joystick makes it easy to operate the machine at night too
  • Hanging pedals: It is also possible to precisely and sensitively manoeuvre the inch-function, even during high rpm
  • Maintenance: all the components for the daily checks and for vehicle maintenance and servicing are easily accessible
  • Low height: due to the low machine height of under 2.5m, it is simple to master low clearance heights

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