A powerful size

The KL43.8 wheel loader of the premium class represents technology, performance and above all comfort. Other plus points are its versatility in application, optimal power to weight ratio and exceptional performance statistics. The large panoramic cabin of the premium class is entirely tuned to the end user’s requirements. The optional powerful displacement of 100 HP in connection with the ecospeed transmission with tractor approval and ball hitch make the KL43.8 a real high-performance wheel loader. The newly developed cab concept provides excellent visibility as well as intuitive operation



  • Comfortable: the large (2.3 m³) and comfortable cabin enables excellent visibility
  • Ergonomics: the flexible steering wheel and seat adjustment as well as the ergonomic design of the cabin contributes to fatigue-free work
  • Exhaust after-treatment: with the help of the maintenance-free emission control system (DOC), the exhaust gas class IIIB is achieved
  • Ball hitch: the optional ball hitch makes the KL 43.8 an optional tractor
  • Stability: the tipping load of the 43.8 is 4300 kg

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