With its dimensions, with a height of under 2 metres and a width of approx. 1.60 metres, as well as its operating weight of about 3000 kilogrammes, the KT144 is the smallest model in the Kramer telehandler portfolio. Nevertheless, it has astonishing performance data: The stacking payload on the pallet fork is 1,450 kilogrammes, the lift height is 4.50 metres. Even when handling heavy loads (e.g. silage bales) there is a sufficient reserve to work with a great reach. The vehicle is equipped with the proven Kramer quick-hitch system with mechanical lock, as standard.



  • Two engine versions: A Yanmar engine with 19 kilowatts or 25 hp forms the basis. The more powerful engine has 33 kilowatts or 45 hp.
  • 3rd control circuit as standard Perfect for the operation of attachments with additional hydraulic functions, like a silage bucket.
  • Powerful work hydraulics: The power amounts to maximum 36.4 litres per minute.
  • Strong performance: The hydraulic power amounts to maximum 42 litres per minute, which enable a faster loading operation.
  • 30 km/h & Powerflow available: For the large engine, an extended option is also available, whereby the top speed of 30 km/h and the performance hydraulics Powerflow is up to 70 litres per minute.

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