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 The most compact Kramer telehandler

handler KT276 has a lift capacity of 2.7 tonnes and a stacking height of 6 metres. The machine is driven by a level V engine with an output of 75 hp. As standard, this machine is equipped with a DOC and DPF (diesel oxidation catalytic converter), which works in a consumption-saving and powerful manner. Quick and precise loading movements can be achieved using the electronically pilot operated joystick. Up to three movements can be carried out simultaneously with the LUDV [load-independent flow distribution] technology of the work hydraulics.



  • Lift capacity: 2.7 tonnes of payload and a stacking height of 6 metres are the perfect power rating for your loading and transport work
  • Traction: The connectable 100% differential lock in the front axle provides optimal traction
  • Kramer quickhitch plate: The sturdy 4-point support with mechanical or (optionally) hydraulic lock allows rapid change of attachments
  • Compactness: Choose between two cabin heights – either the lowest for operation in confined spaces (2×2 m class) or the highest for optimum all-round visibility
  • Operating concept: The consistent Kramer operating concept with the electronic pilot operated all-in-one joystick allows for an intuitive operation of all functions

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