The Ultimate Walker Combine

The largest separation area of any walker combine on the market. Its uniquely configured multi-drum threshing  and separating system delivers unbeatable straw quality. For a compact combine, performance is off-the-scale.

Harvest in record time

Higher threshing performance in tough conditions: The unique multi-drum threshing system with the crops flowing above the rear beater ensures a consistent crop flow without sharp bends or abrupt changes in direction. This guarantees excellent grain and straw quality and reduces power requirements.







  • 9,0 l PowerTech PSS engine, 285 kW/387 hp max Power (ECE R120)
  • Channel width 1,400 mm
  • Total active separation area: 3.30 m²
  • Total cleaning shoe area: 5.20  m²
  • Interactive Combine Adjust (ICA) combine optimisation
  • New John Deere Tracks with 30% bigger footprint



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