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Sulky is the market leader in the production of fertiliser spreaders and seed drills in France and is one of the top three producers in Europe. Established in 1936 the company is based near Rennes in the north west of France. To celebrate its 75th Anniversary and demonstrating a firm commitment to agriculture and the future of Sulky itself, the company commissioned a brand new state of the art factory on a green field site in July 2011. Sulky has full ISO 9001 certification and invests 4% of sales in Research and Development annually. Sulky engineers have designed a multitude of original, fully patented inventions to make the farmers job easier and safer, including the Oscillating Hopper Agitator providing a constant, smooth flow of fertiliser irrespective of the quantity in the hopper, the TRIBORD 3D Border Spreading Device and the Stop and Go Light Bar System to avoid any fertiliser wastage or over application, to mention just a few.

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